Aging in Place

Want to stay in your house as you age? So do many other baby boomers, preferring to stay in a familiar environment rather than move to a senior community. With that in mind, Fred recently completed coursework geared toward helping people modify their homes for easier access.


Aging-in-place is the new buzzword for people choosing to live in their homes, perhaps with a caregiver if necessary. Often homes need to be altered to accommodate the needs of their residents, and new products are being introduced daily that make everyday tasks easier to accomplish. Simple things like changing from doorknobs to door levers can make navigating from room to room less of a struggle. Bathrooms may need renovation to replace bathtubs with walk-in showers and everyone needs a tall toilet!


If you have mobility issues or are just thinking ahead, call us for some suggestions on making your home more accessible.

With the recent improvement in the economy, remodeling activity has also improved. But we have noticed a change in the request for remodeling estimates that is different from years past. Previously, the focus was on luxury materials and comfort conveniences. Now the focus is more toward maintenance and updating. We have also noted many of these projects have been delayed for a long time. While everyone has to make choices, the longer maintenance projects are delayed, the more expensive they are to fix. We recently looked at a prospective bathroom remodel where the client was hoping to save the tub and tile surround. While that may have been possible 5 years ago, today there was nothing to do but start over.


On the bright side, new products have been introduced to the market that make many remodeling projects more affordable and easier-to-install. Think of the prefabricated tubs and tub surrounds made of fiberglass. Many people find these attractive not only for their affordability but for their ease of cleaning. Cabinetry has also become more affordable and offer many built-in conveniences not easily achieved in the past. While granite for countertops still reigns supreme, new manmade materials are offering beautiful alternatives, sometimes with antibacterial properties (careful though, these can be expensive).


Hopefully, people will continue to feel comfortable undertaking an overdue project. The housing stock in the country is aging (just like the baby boomer population) with 87,739,000 housing units being built before 1980. That is 67% of the 130,599,000 total housing units recorded in 2010 in the United States (US census figures). These homes are at least 30 years old, many are much older. Every home requires regular maintenance and updating to maintain peak value.


If you have a project in mind, please call. We’ll be glad to give you a free estimate and explain your options.

Maintenance and Updating